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Our team has over 40 years of experience treating neck pain and can help reduce your pain and get you back to your daily routine.

Pain and Discomfort in the neck are caused by a variety of reasons. The cause could be due to poor posture, physical activity, or being involved in an accident.

Most people often know the right methods on how to take care of the current discomforts. Different methods can work when it comes to resolving the current health issue that many are feeling.

It’s important to consider the right means on how to take care of this immediately especially since any pain you’re feeling is going to affect your mood and your body’s performance with certain tasks.

If you wish to effectively take care of this condition, you’ll need to choose a treatment method that works for both momentary pain and recurring types of discomfort. Fortunately, there are chiropractic services for these needs.

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When Should You See Professionals For Neck Pain?

The most common rule is to try and take care of your pain before it gets worse. While using the right methods and promoting home remedies are essential and effective, there’s a limit to what it can provide.

If you wish to succeed with your treatment, then it’s necessary to consider the use of a medical professional to diagnose and treat your pain. We recommend being seen by a professional if you experience any of the following:

  1. When pain stiffness and pain doesn’t go away after several days of constant home treatments;
  2. You can’t move your neck like you always do because of severe pain;
  3. If you’ve been using over-the-counter medication just to guarantee that you don’t get affected by the constant pain and you’ve been using it on a regular basis;
  4. You’re pretty certain that specific factors have caused the difficulties and you’re certain of its severity;
  5. The pain in your neck has traveled to different parts of your body and you can also feel the numbness in a different area;
  6. If the pain starts after being involved in an accident;
  7. When the pain starts really severe but becomes as the day goes by.

There’s a need for you to be prepared for a thorough consultation. First, they will ask questions regarding the current situation so they can create a preliminary diagnosis. Diagnostic tests are often done when the professional thinks there’s something more to the entire situation.

Diagnosing Neck Pain in Greensboro

Before a patient is given the options required to help with the treatment of their condition, there’s a need to first determine the specifics of the said condition.

In order to effectively and accurately determine the right disorder, it’s important for each chiropractor to evaluate the entire back. This includes the neck and the lower spine.

The whole expanse of your musculoskeletal system must be checked to accurately provide the right diagnosis and find the source of pain.

Getting accurate diagnostics can involve many processes, including X-Rays, MRI's and other types of evaluations.

Once a diagnosis is determined, your Chiropractor will determine what types of treatment will best serve you, whether that be Chiropractic Care or they recommend other treatment options.

At Cobb Chiropractic, our patients health is our number one priority. 

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain 

There are many different types and processes of Chiropractic Care that we offer to our patients. It’s essential to consider whether there’s a need to refer to one type or make use of specific combinations to achieve the best service results.

Below are several examples of some of the common type of treatments we use.

  • Flexion-distraction technique - This is often used and considered by Chiropractors. The sudden force allows for immediate re-alignment. When there’s a need to fix the posture of specific disks or the vertebrae, this is what most individuals have to use.
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation - This is the type of technique that’s constantly using a hand instrument to help with adjusting and creating the needed alignments. The force is applied without any thrusting movements. And this is only made possible because of the instrument being used.
  • Specific spinal manipulation - The technique makes use of gentle thrusts in the spine. It’s the most focused technique. And many people are more familiar with this type of technique since it’s the one that’s constantly used by many. 

There’s a need to consider that these are methods that are highly-specific for the general back treatments. The next list is neck-specific treatments or methods that can be used by chiropractors.

  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy
  • Manual joint stretching and resistance techniques
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Trigger-point massage

The therapies listed above are often used for chiropractic treatments. There is a need to combine therapies or use a specific one depending on the diagnosis of each chiropractor and the specifics of their conditions. 

What are the different causes of Neck Pain?

Two of the most common causes of Neck Pain that we see at Cobb Chiropractic are:

Whiplash. This is the cause of the most common neck injuries. This is often the result of the sudden motion involving the neck regardless of the direction. When this happens, the nerves are stretched at an abrupt motion and this causes injury. There’s even a chance of a nerve tearing and breakage of ligaments.

Pinched nerve. This is quite very common for many individuals. The vertebrae runes within the neck. And within each vertebra, there are nerves and discs (these are the gel-like pillows that provide cushion). When there’s a shift in the alignment, there’s also a chance that a nerve will move out of its place. When that happens, it gets sandwiched in each vertebra causing it to get pinched.

What causes pinched nerves?

  1. Poor posture;
  2. Neck stuck in an awkward pose when you’ve been sleeping for a long time or doing something that’s straining to your neck;
  3. You use a flat pillow or constantly sleep on your stomach; and
  4. The neck is forced beyond the normal range motion and usage (such as getting stretched or bend on a certain position).

Preventing Neck Pain 

  1. Maintain a good posture whether you’re sitting or standing
  2. If you’re constantly using the computer, move it to eye level
  3. Don’t force yourself to do a specific type of task for long durations. It’s necessary to guarantee that you take breaks. It’s not just essential for the neck but for all the muscles and parts of the body. You can also use something that can cushion the most exposed parts of the body.
  4. Proper sleeping postures must be encouraged.
  5. Determine the habits and things that are constantly causing stress to the mind and the body and there’s a need to consider the right methods that can be used to help you in preventing this or avoiding such things from happening.
  6. Constant exercise is very important. You must build your body and make sure that it becomes stronger.

Constant check-ups are crucial not just to the health of your spine and neck but for overall health. It’s important to consider these things since it’s something that will affect you in the long run. On top of that, choosing an experienced Neck Pain Chiropractor is the best way to give yourself the best opportunity for a full recovery.

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