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Many people experience back pain for a number of different reasons.  

Around 80% of Americans have suffered from back pain at some point.  Some cases are more severe than others but non-the less back pain hurts and getting treatment that works is important for a comfortable lifestyle. 

If you live in Greensboro, North Carolina or the Piedmont Triad area, then Cobb Chiropractic is the perfect place for you to visit to get rid of your back pain. 

There are different types of back pain and people experience that pain differently.

Some people have pain from a personal injury while others have pain from odd movements from day to day activities, such as sitting at a desk all day or lifting heavy boxes.

Someone may say they have back pain and it is in their lower back while other feel more pain the upper back or mid back. 

Often there is pain that stems from the back to the limbs causing more pain or distracting a person from the root problem making treatment confusing for most people which is why seeing a chiropractor is best because our chiropractors at Cobb Chiropractic look for the root problem and correct it properly, leaving patients pain free.

Typical Reasons People Have Back Pain 

The back is composed of complex structures of discs, tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments. When problems of any of these components occur, that is when it causes back pain. Here are some of the reasons people experience back pain:


A strain is the most common cause of back pain. This commonly includes:

  • Muscle spasm
  • Strained ligaments
  • Strained muscles

 Some of the things that can lead to strains and spasms include:

  • Lifting something excessively heavy
  • Lifting an object inappropriately
  • Sudden and awkward movement

 Structural Problems

Structural problems may also result in back pain such as: 

  • Arthritis

People who have arthritis’s commonly experience problems in their joints found in the hips, knees, hands, and lower back. 

  • Sciatica

Sciatica starts with a herniated disc found in the lower spine. This involves a sharp pain that travels through the buttocks and right on to the legs’ back. Other than the felt sharp pain, it also includes the feeling of tingling, numbness, and weakness of the legs and feet. 

  • Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease which happens whenever the body loses either too little bones or too many bones. This is why bones here becomes weak and falls apart.

  • Bulging discs

 A bulging disc injury is pretty common to happen in the spine. It commonly occurs in the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and the cervical spine.

Common causes of bulging disc injury include:

  1. Microtrauma
      This happens over an extended period of time which leads to disc injury. An example of repeated microtrauma is poor posture when standing, sitting, and working as things here stresses the spine. It is with sustaining a slouching posture ore stretches the posterior fibrocartilage that is found in the spinal discs.
  2. Sudden Load -

    This happens to the intervertebral discs which occur during traumatic situations such as car accidents. This happens because of the occurred sudden forces that are exerted through the entire body during the impact. Sudden load or torsion results to the tearing of the annulus fibers.

  3. Genetic Factors - 
      Genetic predisposition is somehow bringing the condition. Those individuals who have the lesser density of the fibrocartilaginous fiber are susceptible to the injury. Other than that, environmental factors play their role with the injury as well. These factors include poor core stability, excess abdominal fat, nature of the occupation, and poor strength on the lower limbs.
  • Ruptured discs

Each disc found on the spine is similar to that of a jelly donut. Whenever the disc degenerates from either age or injury, that is when the softer portion in the center may rupture through the annulus fibrosus. This is what causes ruptured discs or some would say as disc herniation. 

  • Abnormal Spine Curvature

 Whenever the spine curves in an unusual way, that is when a person can experience back pain. An example of this is scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is curved to one side that already affects some parts of the spine.

Stressors Causing Spinal Misalignment

Chiropractors believe that there are stressors that can cause misalignment in the spine.

These main stressors include:

 1.  Stress

Stressors here induce muscle tension. Muscle tension is the condition where the muscles remain semi-contracted for a long time.

2.  Physical

Involves movements that are done repeatedly by turning to one side. These movements cause microtraumas. Microtraumas are small injuries given to the human body. It brings out the micro-tearing of muscle fiber – this is the sheath that is located around the muscle and connective tissue.

3. Chemical

Chemical stressors are found in food and the environment which causes drastic changes in the muscles.


Car Accidents are one of the leading causes of Back Pain.

Different Back Injury Treatments Chiropractor Use

When seeing a chiropractor to treat your back pain there will be an individualized treatment plan custom to your needs. Some of the common treatments that may be included in your recovery plan are:

  •  Mobilization

This is a procedure in which low-velocity movement, manipulation, and stretching are delivered. The goal of this technique is to improve the function of the joint.

Chiropractors dig in with this technique for:

  1. Preference of patients
  2. Patients who are in severe pain
  3. Patients who have sensitive nervous systems
  4. Patients who are overweight
  5. Patients who have bone pathology, advanced osteoporosis, and some other forms of deformity.

 When it comes to mobilization techniques, here are common techniques our chiropractors use:

  • Toggle Drop

The chiropractor presses down a certain area of the spine while a part of the drop table falls. This is because the gravity involved with the toggling is extremely useful in the application of the adjustment.

  • Release Work

Pressure is applied here but only with the use of fingertips. The chiropractor here separates any misaligned vertebrae to restore them on their original positions.

  • Activator Method

This method involves a hand-held tool which offers a low-force impulse. The patient here lies face down while the chiropractor assesses his legs length and performs muscle tests. Also, the professional adjusts the spine and joints with the help of the tool.

  • McKenzie Technique

 This is a technique which the patient prefers in the facilitation of pain reduction.

  • Cox Flexion-Distraction

This is a technique which a gentle adjustment is designed to hit the vertebrae. A gentle stretch is applied to the lower spine with repetitive movements.

  • Sacro-Occipital Technique

 This is procedure wherein edges or blocks are placed under the patient’s pelvis.

  •  Spinal and manual manipulation

This type of manipulation is working with a high-velocity arm thrust which is applied right to the abnormal vertebrae. It helps in the improvement of functioning and the reduction of nerve irritability. Other than those, the technique also helps in the restoration of the back’s range of motion.

 Another name of this technique is chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustment works with the application of manipulation to the vertebrae that obtains abnormal movement patterns or that it fails to function.

The commonly known chiropractic adjustment techniques offered by chiropractors are:

  • Activator Technique

 This technique uses a handheld instrument to deliver gentle impulse right into the spine’s vertebral segments. As for the force provided here, it feels similar to that of a light thumping sensation. This is even a procedure not only used to treat back pain but in relieving headaches as well.

  • Flexion-Distraction

Flexion-Distraction or which is also called as decompression manipulation helps in the treatment of scoliosis, disc herniation, and face joint pains. What patients may feel here is a gentle stretching motion. The procedure is done in a special adjusting table fit for the work.

  • Gonstead Technique

 This is a hands-on technique which involves the adjustment of the pelvis while the patient is lying on his side. Chiropractors here provide the technique in realigning the joints, increasing mobility, and reducing pain and stiffness.

  • Diversified Technique

 This is a technique which is mostly used as it involves hands-on thrusts to restore the spine’s exact movement and alignment.

  • Drop Table Technique

 A table that is used in this technique is designed with padded platforms so to use in dropping fraction whenever the chiropractor applies a thrust. Patients here will feel a vibration and makes them feel comfortable all along the procedure.

The Importance of  seeing a  Chiropractors for your Back Pain

Chiropractors specialized in musculoskeletal system and have the knowledge and techniques to treat your pain.

A chiropractor who performs a variety of techniques when it comes to spinal cord adjustments helps in aligning affected body parts right into their natural positions. The professional correct patients’ pain with their specialized techniques.

Common duties of a chiropractor include:

  • Focusing on the connection between the spinal column and the nervous system.
  • Assessing the patient’s condition through their shown symptoms and medical history.
  • Examining both spine and posture.
  • Diagnosing patients through manual re-alignment in the spine, including those adjusting joints.
  • Providing x-rays and other required examinations.
  • Using other useful methods for the therapy.

How to find the right Chiropractor for your Back Pain

Choosing a chiropractor is the same to that when you are trying to choose your personal doctor. With this, you need to find the one who can greatly answer all your needs without causing you problems.

Of course, it is beneficial to look at the professional’s qualities which include his communication skills, high-quality training, and strong core values.

Also, to find the best one in the city you are in, it is essential to check out that specific chiropractor who is always up-to-date with both his research and technology. Both modern and traditional techniques are studied by this specialist as patients have varieties of preferences.

Everything with those learned techniques can help in delivering the proper cure to each patient’s problems.

You must not also forget to opt for the one who is cooperative, social, concerned, flexible, trustworthy, and independent.

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