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How Your Job Could Be Shortening Your Life

Posted by Cobb Chiropractic Clinic on Jun 10, 2019 5:00:44 PM

 From the second we step foot in kindergarten, we are groomed to find a good job.

When we enter the workforce, our job will take up the vast majority of our time.

On the minimum, we will spend 40 hours and five days a week at our job. And that's usually low balling it for most of us.

We see our bosses and co-workers more than we see our families.

So it is extremely important to find a job that is fulfilling, and one that fills all of our needs.

From kindergarten to high school, to college, we are on a quest to find that right job, the right career, that will satisfy us emotionally and financially.

Choosing the wrong job can have dire consequences.

It can leave us unfulfilled wanting more out of life.

It can leave us financially dependent on other jobs or government assistance because it doesn't pay enough.

Those are obvious drawbacks to finding the wrong job.

Did you know working the wrong job can also shorten our life expectancy, as well as making us sick while we're alive?

Actually, even if we love our job, it could have those adverse effects on us.

Below, we'll talk about those effects and what causes them.

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