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At Cobb Chiropractic Clinic, we believe that a properly aligned, functioning, and healthy spine is the primary step to ensuring great health.

The human spinal column consists of 24 independent vertebrae that help the body twist, bend, and carry out tasks. Your spine is essentially your nervous system's lifeline.

When these vertebrae aren't functioning properly, misalignment tends to be a very common cause, and that can cause stress, strain, and pain on the individual.

By realigning the spine, your chiropractor can naturally alleviate a lot of tension and pain symptoms.

Spinal Adjustment | Cobb Chiropractic

Joint pain in your arms and legs, along with headaches, can actually be helped by aligning the spine.

That is why good chiropractic care is so focused on your spine, and Cobb Chiropractic Clinic has been successfully treating patients in Sedalia, NC for over 40 years.

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How Cobb Chiropractic Alleviates Pain

Chiropractic Care focuses heavily on the spine and its relationship with the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

A chiropractor is a medical professional that diagnoses injury conditions and pain symptoms that relate to the spine, joint, and soft-tissue pain. The goal is to relieve pain, return proper physical function, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Essentially, that means no addictive medications and no invasive surgeries. Chiropractic care is natural, low-risk, and completely manual. 

Chiropractic Diagnosis and Consultation

Your Sedalia Chiropractic Clinic utilizes scientific research and years of experience to understand the dysfunctions of muscles, organs, and various tissues and how they relate to the spine.

When you visit our Sedalia clinic, you will be asked about your injury and pain symptoms, along with your medical history.

The chiropractic examination includes a collection of physical tests that include assessment of pulse reflexes, blood pressure, posture, balance, and other neurological tests to check muscle strength as well as neurological integrity.

Should your condition call for it, your chiropractor may also suggest imaging tests, such as X-ray or MRI.

Common conditions treated with Chiropractic Care

  1. Neck pain
  2. Back pain
  3. Whiplash
  4. Soft tissue injuries
  5. Slip and Fall injuries
  6. Sports injuries 
  7. Herniated discs
  8. Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic Care Treatment For Sedalia Patients

  1. Spinal Adjustment
  2. Spinal Decompression
  3. Traction
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Flexion-Distraction Technique
  6. Ice/Hot packs

What Happens During Your Initial Visit to Cobb Chiropractic

Chiropractic_X-ray and MRI

When you visit our Sedalia clinic for the first time, our medical doctors will collect information regarding your medical history, accident details, background information, and a description of your current pain symptoms.

All of this information helps your Cobb Chiropractor create an accurate and efficient diagnosis. They will follow this with a safe and manual examination. 

Chiropractic care takes pride in allowing the body to heal by its own accord and regain physical functions that it was intended to have naturally.

The goal is to achieve this in a way that excludes medications and surgeries. This is a holistic approach that is safe for everyone and incredibly low risk.

Cobb Chiropractic can even help you if your accident injury turns into a legal case. We will recommend top-notch Personal Injury Attorneys so that your legal rights are protected and to make sure you get a fair shake at financial compensation. 

Visit Cobb Chiropractic Clinic and discover how we can make a significant impact on your health today.

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What You Should Know Before Visiting Our Summerfield Chiropractors

Before your visit with Cobb Chiropractic Clinic in Summerfield, there are a few things we recommend you should know.

You Do Not Need A Doctor’s Referral to Visit a Chiropractor

While chiropractic care certainly has some limitations for particular medical situations, Cobb Chiropractic Summerfield patients can receive helpful chiropractic care without the need for a prescription.

Cobb Chiropractic's goal is always looking out for what is best for you. If that is chiropractic care then fantastic. However, if your specific condition requires a different type of care, your chiropractor will refer you to a different, yet trusted, medical physician.

It May Take A Few Adjustments To Initiate the Healing Process

It is very important in terms of mindset to remember that chiropractic care is not a "one-time visit" type visit. There are always exceptions to this, but for the most part, it will take multiple adjustments before pain symptoms have been fully erased.

Do not feel as though your time is being wasted. Remember: chiropractic care is a natural and healthy treatment, so it does take time. But instead of invasive surgery, your body is manually healing itself, as it was made to do.

The best things in life do take time.

Dr. Cobb will make sure to keep you fully involved in how your body is responding and where your expectations should remain during the treatment process.

Your Responsibility as a Summerfield Patient

When you visit Cobb Chiropractic, it is very likely that on top of your sessions within the clinic, your Dr. Cobb will recommend activities and guidelines for you to perform on your own.

These recommendations can include stretching, exercises, joint taping, and even nutrition plans. They may seem a little trivial, but they are vital to the success of your treatment..

Let Cobb Chiropractic Assist in Your Recovery.

Chiropractor Near Sedalia | Cobb Chiropractic Clinic

When you're in pain, Cobb Chiropractic Clinic wants to help you. We are dedicated successfully treating our Summerfield, NC patients and will be by your side every step of the way.

Call us at 336-568-8822 or click the button below to take that beneficial step on your road to recovery today.

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Back pain | Chiropractic Pain Relief

From the professional chiropractic care, documentation of injuries, to assistance in helping you find great legal representation, Cobb Chiropractic Clinic is always there for our Sedalia, NC residents!