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Why Chiropractic Care? 

More and more people consider chiropractic clinics when it comes to treating pain. Today there are roughly 77,000 Chiropractic Doctors in the United States. Chiropractic is one of the most popular alternative treatments in the world, so why not in Ramseur, NC.

Of all people, only chiropractors understand what your pains are and they will do their best to alleviate it especially the chiropractors at Cobb Chiropractic Clinic. This is why whenever you are enduring different kinds of pain, visiting the chiropractor should be a priority.

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How does Chiropractic Care work?

You have to be thorough when you describe the kind of pain to the chiropractors so they can identify the exact cause and tackle it. This will be easy if you know the types of pain.

Acute pain refers to a sudden sense of discomfort but will usually pass after few minutes. Chronic pain is the annoying type that will stick with you no matter what. Chronic pain is ongoing and persists for a long time. Chronic pain may be in the form of back, neck, bone, and nerve pain.

There are different techniques the chiropractors will use to treat the pain. As soon as you are diagnosed, they will create a plan that is suitable for you.

They will also recommend lifestyle changes if the need arises. You have to know though that if the pain is intractable, meaning severe and you are already taking heavy medication, there is nothing that they can do for you so better see your specialist right away.


Now that you know how to identify the pain, it is up to the chiropractor to make a diagnosis. Most of the time physical examination will be sufficient. The chiropractor will ask you to perform series of exercises like:
  • Gait examination will determine if you have inconsistencies between the spine and pelvis.
  •  Posture check will determine if you have poor posture. Poor posture will lead to spinal misalignment, joint pain, and muscle pain if not resolved.
  • Piriformis test will determine if you have a piriformis syndrome. This is commonly called buttock pain.
  • Straight Leg Raise will determine if there is an irritation or tension in your sciatic nerve.
  • Psoas muscle test will determine if there is an imbalance of the vertebrae’s joints. Chiropractic Exam
There are times that they will also ask for lab testing like urinalysis and x-ray. If they want to know more, they can also require MRI scans.


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Different treatment methods of chiropractors in handling injury 

Depending on the pain or injury, chiropractors approach the treatment differently. Remember that it may work for others but it may not work for you, as this is a case-to-case basis. Here are the different treatment methods of chiropractors in handling pain or injury: 
  1.  Manual manipulation: In this method, the doctors will use their hands to adjust misalignment of the spine.
  2.  Instrument adjustments: Doctors also use specific instruments or tools as they approach an issue.
  3.  Spinal decompress: This is a type of therapy that is applied to the spine that brings different benefits.
  4.  Electrical stimulation: Light electrical impulses can also be used to alleviate the pain. The electrical impulses will be distributed throughout the body.
  5. Exercises: There will be strengthening exercises that can improve the back problems.

What you should expect on your initial visit

The first visit is crucial because it is where you lay out everything and then the chiropractor will carefully especially your pain and the symptoms.

The doctors will ask you to do some exercises to measure or determine the root cause. If that is not enough, they will ask for lab testing. When everything is settled and the diagnosis has been done, doctors will reveal treatment plan. Pay attention and ask questions if you are confused.

How effective is Chiropractic Treatment

Some people feel instant relief while others don't feel better until they have several treatments. With this, you will be assured that chiropractic method is safe and it is proven that it is cost effective. Back Adjustment being performed by a chiropractor in Ramseur

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Common injuries tackled by Chiropractors

Generally speaking, any type of pain you are feeling, you should go and see a chiropractor. But for your information, here are the common injuries tackled by chiropractors:
  1.  Soft tissue injuries: Soft tissue injuries are serious because it destroys the muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body. These injuries occur from a strain, sprain, contusion, and overuse of a specific body part. 
  2.  Whiplash: Whiplash is characterized by a sudden jolt usually originating from the neck. The cause of this is the abrupt acceleration and deceleration movement of the head.Whiplash | North Carolina 
  3. Piriformis syndrome: This condition that causes pain and spasm to the buttock region. 
  4. Sciatica: Sciatica is characterized by numbness and weakness of the pain. It starts from the lower back and moves through the buttock then to the back of the leg. 
  5. Spinal arthritis: Spinal arthritis is also called osteoarthritis. It is the collapse of discs and joints in the lower back and neck. This will cause pain in the legs or arms. 
  6.  Carpal tunnel syndrome: This condition is primarily caused by the compression of the median nerve that affects the carpal tunnel. Common symptom includes numbness of the thumb, index and middle finger.  
  7. Back and neck pain: Neck pain is common than back pain but there are spine conditions that can affect the neck and arms.