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Top Rated Chiropractor Near Me | McLeansville, NCAs opposed to traditional medical treatment options, chiropractic care is a form of pseudo-medicine or alternative medicine that does not require medication or surgery.

For those who haven’t heard yet of chiropractic care, in simplest terms - it’s the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system. 

A chiropractor - who studies about chiropractic care - only needs his or her hands to perform many of the traditional adjustments. In other words, it’s a non-intrusive procedure like massage

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The Main Benefit of Chiropractic Care

The use of Chiropractic Care is to manage pain and provide relief. In other words, it aims to cure your daily conditional issues. For example, a person with a persistent headache can improve his or her condition within an hour with chiropractic treatment.

The same goes for back pain and stress. Chiropractic care works with almost every daily body condition. But of course, before applying the practice, a chiropractor will get to know your medical state. To which we will talk about later.

Get Diagnosed At The Same Time

As mentioned, before a patient undergoes chiropractic care, tests are done. The usual procedure of McLeansville, chiropractors is to test their patients first before treatment. X-rays are done to identify any conditions or misalignments in the spine.

The quickest way of checking a person’s condition is through palpation. That, too, is done to pinpoint pain locations. This goes hand in hand with compression test.

In some cases, MRI, CT scan and the likes are also required. This is to identify the body if it’s safe for chiropractic care.

So, before being adjusted, a chiropractor will make sure to identify the pain locations as well as the condition of your spine. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by hidden pain. This is normal.

How Chiropractors Can Treat Multiple Conditions

Best Chiropractors serving McLeansville, NCA persistent headache is one of the common condition people have. Whether it’s watching TV or your daily walking routine, headaches can occur anytime. While there are tons of reasons why a headache keeps occurring, most of the time, the reason is simple.

It’s not that you lack nutrients or sleep, it’s only because your spine isn’t aligned thus sending pain signals. But apart from headaches, several issues are treated through chiropractic care. 

In the event of a car crash, assuming you sustained a neck injury aka ‘whiplash’,  it is best to get checked out by a McLeansville Chiropractor for treatment. The same goes for similar pain or stress such as the back or any part of the body. 

For athletes, especially professionals, it’s important to take care of the body. This involves having yourself a massage before and after sessions. If possible, an ice pack should be present after sessions too. Sprains and muscle pain aka myofascial pain are treated with chiropractic care. You’ll be amazed how quick it works.

Although rare, there are cases wherein the spine isn’t what it should be. Normally, the spine should have the shape of C or S. this condition is known as scoliosis.

An effect of having one is difficulty of breathing. The common knowledge here is to either let it go back or through surgery. But with consistent chiropractic care, it’ll go back naturally. Yep, no need for expensive procedures.

During the event of massage, the chiropractor pinches the nerves. If the pain is felt, you might have nerve impingement. In daily living, you feel numbness of arms or legs.

Sometimes, there’s even a sharp, aching pain. The reason for that is the nerve being trapped. It can’t respond properly to the message of other parts thus sending pain signals.

Different Chiropractic Care Procedures 

If you go to different chiropractors, they offer different practices. Some use bare hands all throughout the process while most use a machine to assist.

Regardless, they only have one goal. Which is to realign properly the spine. The common technique used and seen is the manual adjustment.

From the name itself, a chiropractor feels the body with touch and sensation. And with the use of high-velocity force, you’ll hear popping or “cracking” from your bones. Though it’s not the bones, it’s actually oxygen being released from the nerve. 

For headaches, a chiropractic instrument adjustment is used. It’s a non-intrusive device that comes in the shape of a gun. The point has the ability to provide gentle touches to the nerves. Mostly used around the neck. 

Did you know that massage is also a way of chiropractic care? This is known as myofascial release technique. The chiropractor presses the nerve in other parts of the body to see the blood vessels. Through this, he or she will have an idea if a nerve is stuck. There are about more than five techniques used for chiropractic care. All it is safe and has one goal.

What To Expect When Visiting McLeansville Chiropractor

Well, a friendly greeting with a smile of course. For first-timers, you’ll be asked a lot of questions about your current condition and past medical history. The pain that you’re experiencing - when and how it happened is also talked about. Also, don’t forget about the severity of pain.

If you’re planning to visit a McLeansville Chiropractor, simply walk in and inquire. McLeansville Chiropractor offers safe and natural ways of healing the body.

Whether it’s a severe headache, muscle pain, numbness or weakness in various parts, they got your back. As an alternative medicine, chiropractic care has become a favorite for athletes and other professionals.


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What You Should Know Before Visiting Our McLeansville Chiropractors

Before your first visit with a chiropractor in McLeansville, check out these few things you should know.

Chiropractor in McLeansville, North CarolinaChiropractors are Experts in Spinal Treatment

Chiropractors focus on treating issues in the musculoskeletal system, including the spinal cord. The main treatment chiropractors use is known as a Chiropractic Adjustment or Manipulation.

The goal of chiropractic care is to improve your body's functionality. To achieve this, your chiropractic doctor will free up any nerve interference specifically around the spine that travels down to the tissues and organs of the body. This treatment is done in a natural and noninvasive way.

You Do Not Need A Doctor’s Referral to Visit a Chiropractor

While patients who are in severe pain or have an urgent medical condition may need to see a medical doctor, the majority of patients can receive helpful chiropractic care without a prescription from a medical doctor.

Our chiropractors at Cobb Chiropractic serving McLeansville are well-trained and incredibly knowledgeable, having been providing the community with Chiropractic Care for over 40 years.

When you come in for your first appointment and they begin to diagnose your condition, if they believe your greatest benefit will come from a different type of treatment or surgery, they will refer you to the correct medical professional.

Chiropractors Are Highly Educated 

In order to become a chiropractor, a person must complete a 4-year program that includes practical applications and theories of chiropractic treatment, along with general human physiology and Biology.

After completing their degree program, they need to pass multiple national board exams and a state license exam. In order to keep their current license valid, chiropractors are required to continue to take courses, as well.

It May Take A Couple Adjustments To Initiate the Healing Process

It is important to understand that chiropractic treatment is not just a onetime fix.

Multiple sessions may be needed and can take two or more combinations of adjustments.

Of course, there will always be a firm endpoint to your active treatment plan, however, they may schedule a future wellness visit to make sure everything is still okay.

Our chiropractors will keep you informed every step of the way regarding the expected length of your treatment and how your body is responding.

Your Responsibility As a McLeansville Patient

When you visit our clinic, our chiropractors spark the initial recovery, however, you must do your part as well.

When your chiropractor gives you specific home instructions, like diets or strengthening exercises to adhere to, it is your responsibility to do those on your own.

These actions and instructions will amplify the effectiveness of your chiropractic treatment.

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