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Common Car Accident Injuries that a Chiropractor can Treat

  1. Whiplash
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries 
  3. Chest Injuries 
  4. Herniated Disc 
  5. Head Injuries 

Common Car Accident Injuries That A Chiropractor Can Treat 

Posted by Cobb Chiropractic Clinic on Jun 10, 2019 4:15:13 PM

Car Accident Injuries that our Chiropractors Treat 

Car Accidents occur every day, because there are a countless number of people driving every single day,  and places like Greensboro, NC are no different. Cobb Chiropractic

Driving becomes such a routine for most people, we have to drive somewhere almost every day of our lives. This can present an issue because often times people become distracted while driving

Driving is already dangerous if you think about it, we are behind the wheel of a very heavy vehicle often times driving at high speeds. We are in charge of a machine that can cause severe damage to ourselves and others if it's not operated correctly. 

Knowing this should make us more aware and alert when we're behind the wheel of a vehicle, unfortunately, this is not the case, and car accidents are still a very common occurrence, causing all types of injuries to occur. 

Some of the most Common Car Accident Injuries that our Chiropractors in Greensboro, NC Treat, include the following: 

1. Whiplash 

Cobb Chiropractic

 A whiplash injury is probably one of the most common car accident injuries to occur, and it can happen even when an accident occurs at speeds as low as 10mph. 

This type of injury occurs when the head is jerked backward and forwards which causes stress on the neck and spine. 

It is easy for this type of injury to go unnoticed and untreated for some time because many people believe that they have not suffered at whiplash injury because they weren't going that fast when the accident occurred and because they are not experiencing immediate pain. 

Whiplash injuries are known for no presenting symptoms until hours or even days after the accident occurs. Because of this, some people do not seek treatment or associate the pain with the accident because it took some time for symptoms to become apparent. 

If a whiplash injury goes untreated or is not treated promptly, it can end up causing long-term pain and discomfort. It's always advised to seek medical treatment the same day of the accident regardless of whether or not you're in immediate pain. 

2. Spinal Cord Injuries 

 Spinal cord injuries are often among the most serious injuries that can occur in a car accident. The spinal cord is crucial to the overall function and movement in almost every body part. 

If the spinal cord becomes damaged, it can cause partial or major loss of function, sensation, and paralysis which can be disabling. 

Spinal cord injuries occur when pieces of bone, disc fragments, or ligament bruises or tears make contact with the spinal cord. If this occurs, it can damage the nerve cells that are transmitted to and from the brain and the body. 

These injuries will often require substantial treatment in order for the patient to recover. Surgery is also sometimes necessary followed by months of rehabilitative treatment. 

Seeking medical treatment immediately is necessary so the injury can be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. 

3. Chest Injuries 

If the victim of an auto accident was wearing a seatbelt, then chest injuries are likely to occur depending on the severity and speed of the collision. 

The seat belt while it protects the driver or passenger from being flung through the windshield, can also cause the victims to suffer from broken ribs or internal injuries due to the force required to keep you in your seat when the accident occurs. 

In some cases, the victims may also hit the dashboard or steering wheel before they are forced back into their seat which can also cause the chest to undergo damage as well. 

If internal damage or organ bruising occurs, these injuries are not easily detectable and require an x-ray to determine the full extent of the damage. 

Having a Doctor perform an x-ray on your chest after a car accident is important when determining if any internal injuries were suffered. 

4. Herniated Disc 

Cobb Chiropractic

The impact of an auto accident can cause the discs in the back to shift and slide out of alignment, causing a herniated disc. 

Herniated Discs can create ruptures which can cause pain and nerve injuries that travel down the thighs causing severe weakness. 

To detect a herniated disc an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan will need to be performed. Once the injury is detected, the doctor can come up with a treatment plan for the injury. Chiropractic care is often the best form of treatment for herniated disc injuries. 

In some cases, the victim may also need physical therapy treatment to help regain strength in the injured area. 

If you would like to learn more information about treatment for Disc Injuries click here.

5. Head Injuries

Head injuries can take many different forms, some can be relatively minor, while others can be quite severe. 

When a blow to the head occurs, it can move the brain inside of the skull which can cause a traumatic injury. When the head is banged around in a car accident, concussions are a very common occurrence. 

Often times a head injury will go undetected for some time because the symptoms can take time to appear and the victim doesn't always realize that their nausea, headaches, or blurred vision is occurring because they hit their head in the car accident. 

When a head injury occurs, having it detected quickly is crucial for recovery.

What Doctor Should I See After my Car Accident? 

If you were involved in a Car Accident, it's important to seek medical treatment the same day of the accident.Cobb Chiropractic

If you're wondering, which doctor to see after a car accident, the answer is dependent upon your injuries.

For example, if you're bleeding or think you have broken a bone, you need to go to the Emergency Room right away.

Otherwise, your first stop should be at a Chiropractic Clinic that specializes in Car Accident Injuries

At Cobb Chiropractic our Doctors specialize in treating the victims of car accident injuries. 

It's our goal to help each car wreck victim recovery from their injuries as quickly and optimally as possible. 

When you come into our office, we provide a thorough exam and image testing to determine the extent of your injuries. We will then come up with a specialized treatment plan that is tailored to your injury and recovery needs. 

We offer a free consultation to see how we can best assist with your recovery.

If you were involved in a Car Accident do not hesitate to contact our experienced Chiropractors in Greensboro for a free consultation. 

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